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At Hope Academy of Stephens County, we use a developmentally appropriate Pre-Kindergarten curriculum that uses a variety of activities that promote learning by hands-on experiences, including movement, songs, and memory/recitation activities to teach children. Bible stories, songs and scripture are a key component in training children in Godly wisdom. Hope Academy of Stephens County provides full day programs in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Offering a Christ-centered approach to learning at the elementary level, students develop characteristics and self-confidence to be the light of the world and disciples for Christ. Hope Academy of Stephens County not only fosters a sound focus for the development of basic academic and social-emotional skills, but spiritual skills as well. Students will exhibit the mastery and application of core concepts and skills in preparation for upper school expectations and opportunities.  Elementary subjects taught include language arts, math, science, social studies, penmanship, Bible, Spanish, music and physical education.  Elementary show choir is offered to students in grades 2nd-5th.


Secondary level core-curriculum course offerings meet all requirements established by Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education for students to earn a college preparatory diploma.  Additional electives include pre-calculus/trigonometry, basic computer, advanced computer, Art 1 & 2, chemistry, music, ASL 1 & 2, speech/drama, art, Spanish 1 & 2, cross country, non-contact karate, and coding. Bible class is taught at all grade levels.  Students in grades 11 & 12 are encouraged to attend Red River Technology Center and/or concurrent enrollment in Cameron University.  



  • 4 English credits

  • 4 History credits

  • 4 Science credits

  • 4 Bible credits

  • 3 Mathematics credits

  • 2 Language credits

  • 2 Arts credits

  • 4 Electives

27 Total Credits


These 27 credits meet the minimum requirements established by Hope Academy of Stephens County and the State of Oklahoma for a college preparatory diploma. HASC highly recommends that any student who desires to compete for academic merit scholarships consider taking an additional math and an upper-level computer course. Algebra 1 and Computer 1 taken in 8th grade will count toward graduation credit requirements, but the grade will not be included in the cumulative GPA. Students placed in Algebra I in 8th grade must take an advanced math course.

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